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Our team of professionals helps to reduce errors and delays, minimizing the risk of costly rejections or disputes.

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Our search process helps identify potential conflicts or issues before filing the application, reducing the risk of rejection.

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Our expert guidance and transparent pricing ensure a seamless trademark registration process without financial strain.

Trademark Search

Prevent legal headaches with our comprehensive trademark search.

Starting from
  • Trademark Search
  • The federal search checks for similar names, logos, and slogans already registered with or pending at the USPTO.

  • State Search
  • The state search function is applicable to all 50 states.

  • Detailed Online Report
  • It provides you with all the relevant information and matches to plan your next move.

Trademark Registration

Secure your brand identity with an expert trademark registration service.

Starting from
$49 +USPTO Filing Fees
  • Direct-Hit Search
  • The federal USPTO database provides exact matches for live and pending applications.

  • Federal Filing with the USPTO
  • File your application with the USPTO electronically without waiting for mail or paper files.

  • Electronic Delivery
  • Get your registered trademark conveniently through electronic delivery.

Trademark Monitoring

Keep a constant watch over trademarks for protection and security.

Starting from
$175 / Quarterly
  • Systematic Monitoring
  • Our advanced technology helps to closely monitor potential infringements.

  • No Limits on Detections or Takedowns
  • Our monitoring system is constantly alerted to detect and evaluate any possible violations.

  • Monthly Report
  • Get a complete and detailed overview of all the important findings from our monitoring activities.

Our Streamlined Trademark Registration Process

We’re committed to guiding you through each step of the trademark registration process with expertise and efficiency.


Gathering Information

Please share with us the specifics regarding your trademark, such as the name of your brand, your logo, and your slogan.


Comprehensive Search

After we receive the information, our team of experts perform a comprehensive search to confirm its availability.


Application Filing with the USPTO

After verifying the eligibility of your trademark, we will submit the application to the USPTO on your behalf.

Why We’re the Best Choice

Find out what makes our services stand out from the rest:

Industry average Alpha Trademarks
Initial risk assessment Paid search (~ $150) Free Trademark search
Scope of services provided Registration only Registration, Litigation support, Monitoring
Coverage 1-2 countries only Global
Registration process Lengthy and often unclear Simple Online 3-Step Process
Application success rate 64.40% 96.90%
Pricing structure Unclear with hidden fees Transparent, including all fees
Access to Amazon Brand Registry Months 1-2 Week

Difference Between Trademark and a Copyright

Intellectual property is safeguarded by copyrights and registered trademarks, each having a unique function.



Why Registering a Trademark is Essential?

Registering a trademark is a crucial step to protect intellectual property and ensure long-term business success.

Protect from Infringements

Getting your trademark allows you to protect your brand from infringers and copycats.

Build Your Unique Identity

It protects your brand identity and prevents competitors from using similar names.

Gain Legal Rights

When registering your trademark, you are given the exclusive rights to use that mark.

Trademark Certified

Your brand can obtain legal certification to prove its authenticity and ownership.

Right to Take Action

Registering a trademark can enhance your legal rights to take action against infringers.

Build Customer Trust

Registering your trademark can help to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

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What You Can and Can’t Trademark

Trademarks can be registered to protect various elements associated with a business, product, or service.

Can be Trademarked

  • Name (e.g., Apple)
  • Logo (e.g., Bitten Apple)
  • Slogan (e.g., Think Different)

Can’t be Trademarked

  • Song, book, or other creative works
  • Inventions like technical processes, machines, etc.

Reasons Why Your Trademark Gets Rejected

To ensure a smooth trademark registration process, it is important to be aware of potential obstacles that may cause delays. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Trademarks are used to protect brands in commerce and cannot be registered for personal or non-business use.
  • Trademark names should be unique and distinct, not generic or descriptive, to set the brand apart from competitors.
  • You can only register a trademark for a name that is currently being used in business or one that you plan to use in the near future.
  • If your proposed name closely resembles an existing registered or pending trademark, it may lead to mistaken assumptions about the source of goods or services.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Join our client roster and discover the benefits of our exceptional logo design services. Our team is dedicated to bringing your brand vision to life with high-quality, customized designs.

Alpha Trademarks is a lifesaver for our business. We wanted to get our brand trademarked, and their experts filed our application to the USPTO in a seamless process. Highly recommended!

Ethan Jones CEO of Vision Heights

We wanted to check if our trademark name is similar to our competitors. So, we approached Alpha Trademarks for a comprehensive search. They provided us with a detailed report in no time.

Richard Smith Manager at Prism

I was really worried about my creative work getting infringed on. That's when I stumbled upon Alpha Trademarks. Their experts registered my copyright, ensuring my work is legally protected.

Melissa Keith CEO of Denver Skyline

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I trademark a design or logo?

  • How long does it take to register your trademark?

  • What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright?

  • Why should I file a trademark application?

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